The Healing Obituary


Designed for a funeral home staff, and adaptable for any group, our simple, hands-on course teaches you to create an eloquent, heartfelt obituary. Recounting life details helps us understand and remember what we treasure most about each other.


When you work with a family to shape a life story into an obituary, you create a memorable experience which helps them heal. Every shared detail leads to greater appreciation for one’s unique legacy and life story: a profound gift to your families that lasts forever.


The power of online sharing exponentially widens your funeral home’s reach. An obituary creates history. Written well, it elevates your funeral home to even greater excellence. Our seminar will also change how you view and facilitate memorialization.

About Us

Kitty Sheehan is a writer, editor and teacher. Mark Cuddy is a veteran funeral professional and consultant. They created The Healing Obituary to bring a timeless tradition into the future, allowing you and your staff to make the best use of your most powerful marketing tool.

More About Us

To observe attentively is to remember distinctly.

Edgar Allan Poe

What We Do


“In my 28 years as a funeral director, I’ve never had a family call an obituary fabulous or beautiful. Now we hear this regularly, thanks to Kitty.” Matt Jones, Law-Jones Funeral Home

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